• Venus

    Night Club
  • Don't be put off by the neon-lit exterior - Venus is smaller and more intimate than you might expect, and cosier than most of the other larger clubs. In Tallinn's ethnically differentiated nightlife, Venus weighs in on the Russian camp - although, like most places in Estonia, there is more mingling than before, especially on Thursdays.
    \r\nMeanwhile, the club's ethnic leaning gives it a special party spirit: its voluptuous classical theme - nude statuettes of the goddess holding lamps (and oil paintings of more nudes) - resonates with more flamboyant, less Scandinavian tastes.
    \r\nMost of the action - including live acts and go-go dancers - takes place in one large ballroom, with plush velvet curtains, a grand stairway and a balcony for viewing. Behind the bar, which runs the length of one wall, you can find the vast VIP area - crack it if you can. For some reason the waitresses here wear bosomy medieval outfits. Expect more mainstream, chart music than some clubs, and experiment with Ukrainian or Russian champagne if you're feeling lucky.

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