• Hunting

  • Although it has been relatively easy in the past to hunt in Estonia without the proper paperwork, the law has tightened in recent years and today hunting requires a valid licence and a gun licence. Most associations (such as the State Forestry administration RMK, www.rmk.ee) can help by providing weapon import licences, hunting licences and a certificate to allow the transport of trophies out of Estonia.

    Estonian game seasons
    Beaver August to mid-April
    Wild boar all year round
    Moose mid-September to mid-December
    Elk September to end January
    Pheasant October to end February

    + 372 628 1500  www.rmk.ee

    The state-run forestry centre administers camping, hiking and hunting throughout Estonia's primeval forest and countryside - and can help you secure the right lecenses and paperwork.

    Taagepera Castle, Taagepera, Valga province.
    + 372 766 6390 www.taageperaloss.ee

    A grandiose conference centre and all-round leisure palace 200km from Tallinn near the Latvian border. As well as canoeing, cycling, paintball and horse-riding, the Castle also offers hunting: beaver, boar, moose, elk and pheasant. You must supply your own licence and gun.

    Tammemae Boarding Farm, Tõrve küla, Jõgeva province.
    + 372 776 3500  www.tammemae.ee

    Roe deer, European moose and wild boar found just a couple of hours' drive (160m from Tallinn). See their website for prices.
    • See below for addresses.

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